Irwin Grossman is the Co-Founder and CEO of Delta Payment Solutions and President of the Delta Payment Cooperative.

Before founding and leading Delta, Irwin spent over 40 years in various management consulting and line management positions. After five years as a design engineer with Eastman Kodak Company, he spent ten years as an international management consultant and Partner with Braxton Associates, now part of Deloitte Consulting. 

He joined Barry Controls, one of his consulting clients, and led the sales, marketing and design engineering teams in the transformation of the company from a catalog-based standard products manufacturer to an engineered solutions provider. 

Management team participation in two start-ups followed—in the HVAC and Trade Show industries—with leadership of Tetbury Consulting Group following after that. While with Tetbury, and over a span of fifteen years, Irwin assumed CEO/COO positions with Ekam Imaging, Flo Chemical Corporation and Friend & Union Enterprises. 

Irwin’s expertise is in developing and implementing successful growth strategies.

 Irwin  Grossman