Questions to Ask When Buying an Existing Business

Are you thinking of buying an existing business? Download this checklist to answer questions about the company's viability and if it's worth purchasing. Read more

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Valuing a Small Business for Sale

By Peter Siegel, MBA,, Business for Sale Financing and SCORE Counselor Pricing a business correctly is important if you really want to sell it.  As a consultant I... Read more

Buying an Established Business

By Sarah E Needleman, Wall Street Journal Columnist Last year, Mark Shelstad set out to become his own boss after concluding that his portfolio-manager job had become unstable.... Read more

Should I Buy a Franchise?

by Betty Otte, Score  Accredited Business Councilor When most of us think about franchises, we are referring to the business-based franchise like the top 500 franchises published... Read more

Valuing a Small Business For Sale

By Jeffrey Clack & Peter Siegel, SCORE Counselors Chapter 411, Northeast Massachusetts Correctly pricing your business for sale is related to many decisions, will the... Read more
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Valuing a Business

This online workshop will explain reasons to assess your company's fair market value, illustrate approaches to determining the value of a business, and more. Read more

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Poner un valor a su negocio: cómo y por qué

August 28, 2020

La mayoría de los propietarios de negocios tienen una vaga idea de lo que valdría su negocio si quisieran venderlo. Aquí hay cuatro razones para realizar una valoración de negocios.


Benefits of Buying a Franchise

November 13, 2019

One can start a business from scratch, buy an existing one or become a franchisee. Is franchising a good option for you?