The Northeast Massachusetts chapter of SCORE has over thirty members, both retired and working. We have significant experience in the ownership, operation and/or management of both small and large businesses in many fields.

SCORE volunteers are prohibited from any monetary arrangement involving a counseling client, may not provide any paid services, and must assure that client interests are the sole focus of advice and recommendations. All SCORE counselors sign the SCORE Code of Ethics every year. Counselors pledge to stay fully independent for the benefit of the SCORE clients.

Our members' biographies are shown here. 

Dennis Assad

Skills: Operations, Strategy, Planning, Marketing, Sales, Public Relations, Educational Services

Dennis is retired as Senior Vice President of Marketing at Unifirst Corporation. Dennis worked at Unifirst for 32 years; before serving as Sr. V. P. of Marketing, he worked as a Regional Vice President of Operations and as the General Manager of a plant. He has a B.S. in Marketing from Arizona State University and was a member of the Marine Corps Reserve for eight years.

Fred Aufiero

Skills: Civil Engineering

Fred can help improve business performance in strategic planning, acquisitions, operations, finance, client relations and profitability. As an engineer and business manager for over 40 years, Fred has the experience to assist clinets in starting a business or growing and improving the success of an existing business.

One of the important attributes of any successful business owner is the ability to mentor and inspire others in their organization to be successful. That ability to mentor is what Fred brings to a relationship.

Jeffrey Clack

Skills: Operations, Marketing, sales, catalogs, financial planning, customer service, computer hardware

Jeffrey grew up in Clarence, NY outside of Buffalo. He attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY on a Navy ROTC scholarship and studied materials engineering. After graduation he made two deployments on a Navy destroyer to Vietnam. Following 5 years with the Navy, he attended and graduated from Harvard Business School. He spent 25 years in the computer industry with Data General, Compaq, and HP focused on direct sales in sales management, marketing, operations and strategic planning positions. He has also been a financial advisor and does volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity. His SCORE focus is sales and marketing. His interests are golf, tennis, bicycling, and reading.

Jack Clauson

Skills: Business plans, human resources – recruitment, marketing, people counseling, sales, training

Jack has over 40 years experience in sales and sales Management in the computer, test equipment, medical and software areas while working for Hewlett-Packard, Teradyne and Sybase. He has extensive training and experience in sales skill development, people management, interview, coaching for performance improvement and account planning for sales growth. He has been successful in developing and implementing plans for sales growth in specific large accounts and new business areas. He has an Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelors of Science degree in Business from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

Archie Cohan

Skills: Residential and commercial cleaning services

Archie has 45 years of business experience in the janitorial industry including bidding, chemical usage, and equipment procurement necessary to maintain retail or commercial facilities. He has also been a director at the largest state-charted credit union in Massachusetts for over 44 years and been the chairman of its credit committee for over 19 years.

Peter Colarusso

Skills: Business plans and strategies, Export/Import, manufacturing, marketing, research and development, sales

Peter, educated as a chemist at Tufts University, spent his first 20 work years managing a Research and Development Laboratory at W. R. Grace. While at Grace, Peter studied Strategic Planning at Sloan Business School. He has extensive experience developing aggressive growth and profitability strategies at the corporate, division and small company level. Early in his business management career, Peter revitalized stagnant divisions of Grace, preparing them for profitable divestiture. These skills subsequently applied to several small firms to position them for acquisition by Fortune 100 corporations.

Dave Conley

Skills: Banking, general management, real estate, marketing, business plans and strategies

Dave was educated at Boston College and the University of Illinois College of Law. He worked 36 years at Boston Federal Savings Bank and was President of the bank for 8 years prior to the bank’s sale in 2005. Although he worked in every area of the bank, most of his career was spent in lending, operations, and managing acquisitions. The bank went public in 1995 and grew to $2B though mergers and acquisitions and had 17 offices in the greater Boston area. Skills potentially useful to clients include an understanding of what lenders want from clients, experience with business plans from a financial and marketing perspective, and the experience of managing personnel, budgets, and customer relations in several small subsidiary companies.

Randi Conley

Skills: Operations, Strategy, Planning, Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Consulting, Research, Marketing, Advertising, Creative, Restaurants, Hospitality

Randi is a senior executive with general management, marketing and supervisory experience. She has worked with growth-oriented companies in catalog, retail and restaurant industries. 25 years in direct marketing of consumer goods, with demonstrated experience in strategic planning, budgeting, catalog development and print production, marketing planning, advertising, merchandising, new business acquisition, and organizing and developing new concept start-ups. Catalogs, print advertising, direct mail, internet. Senior management positions at America's Test Kitchen, VBT Active Vacations, Vermont Country Store, Evergreen Marketing (agency), Brookstone, Swiss Colony, Red Lobster Restaurants.

Vin D'Amico

Skills: Information technology, business strategy and marketing in multiple industries

Vin helps help small businesses achieve better outcomes in marketing, operations and technology. With extensive experience as a consultant, entrepreneur and software strategist, he has helped many small and large businesses increase sales and profits. His strong background in business operations, information technology, and strategic analysis helps him understand the unique challenges faced by business people. His extensive experience in helping entrepreneurs solve tough problems makes him highly qualified to mentor small businesses.

Diane DeSantis

Skills: Medical practice management and training

Diane is able to assist clients with any issues related to medical practices, start ups, marketing, management and property management. As the owner of a Medical Billing/Practice Management business for 40 years, she has assisted many Medical Professionals obtain strong results in the management of their revenues, staffing and practice procedures.

She has also built, owned and operated a bakery and currently manages a multi-use building with commercial and residential renters. Other experience comes from owning and operating 3 Fedex Home Delivery routes in MA.

Ben DeWinter

Skills: Retail and international sales

Ben is a senior-level, retail executive with over 40 years experience in merchandising, marketing, and operations with large and mid-sized corporations. He has been a buyer, merchandise manager, store general manager, and CEO.

Ben has visited New York and European clothing markets, served as General Manager for both women's fashion specialty and department stores, as well as merchandised for both upscale and moderate clothing stores. He managed the restructuring and developed the business and strategic plans for a company in bankruptcy. He also managed the opening and operations of a store in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, spending two years living in the Kingdom.

Bill Feingold

Skills: Legal, Finance, Business Processes

Bill can help improve your business performance in advising you as to the form of your business, the various legal considerations you may face, dealing with acquisition, contracts relative to moving forward and dealing with financing requirements and issues. As an attorney and also as a business person in law and other businesses, he has helped many individuals and entities in the areas of forming the business, financing the business, dealing with contracts for the purchase and the sale of assets and properties, entering into and understanding contracts and all business general considerations as to individuals and corporate and other business entities. He has experience as a private business person and has acted as a sole proprietor, as a partner and as a corporate officer and shareholder.

Nan Finkenaur

Skills: Branding and designing

Helmut Floesser

Skills: Finance

Helmut has experience as a CFO in national and international companies. He has industry experience with mid-size process control manufacturers, medical imaging and medical device companies, and international small arms and retail companies. He operational experience in accounting and financial planning as well as IT and HR management.

Marie Foley

Skills: Retail, Multiple locations, Purchasing

Marie's professional life started out in the Medical Research field researching diabetes, AIDS, Alzheimer's and other molecular endocrinology issues.

For the past 28 years, she managed a successful family-owned retail gift shop. She learned everything from the ground up. At one point there were 5 Concord Hand Designs up and down the east coast including Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston. That business closed due to retirement, and she now owns a custom souvenir business for Concord and Lexington memorabilia with several kiosks throughout the area.

Steven Galante

Skills: Finance, Accounting, Manufacturing, Product Development, Sales, Marketing, PR, Health Care and Life Sciences

Steve owned a manufacturing company in the medical device industry specifically in vitro diagnostics. He was CEO for 18 years and subsequently sold the company to Thermofisher Scientific. He was VP of Business Development at Thermofisher helping them find acquisitions. After 5 years he left Thermo to start, Galante Biomedical LLC that helps people execute an exit strategy or find acquisitions. He has led that company for 9 years running.

His skill set leans heavily towards sales and marketing, and business finance.

Betsy Harper

Skills: Employee recruiting

Betsy has held both marketing and sales leadership roles in small and rapidly growing businesses. For the past 25 years she has been a recruiter for sales and marketing talent for clients of her business. She can help to assess your sales and marketing efforts and help with a particular focus on what talent a business might need in the future to grow and prosper.

Bill Hayes

Skills: Manufacturing and engineering

Bill has had a 43-year career at General Electric, with 23 years of steam turbine manufacturing and materials management rising to Plant Manager. He has 20 years of experience in the aircraft-engines engineering process and project management with 9 years as an internal consultant across all business functional groups, including working with teams of suppliers, partners and customers.

Inmaculada Hernandez

Skills: (to be provided)

Bob Jack

Skills: Business plans and strategies, computer information systems, human resources, quality assurance, consulting, general management

Bob has over 37 years in the IT industry. He received BSEE, MSEE and MBA degrees from Texas A&M, Stanford and Pepperdine Universities. During his time in the computer industry he managed product development groups, manufacturing technical groups and manufacturing plants. His experience in manufacturing focused on new process technology and manufacturing work design. He retired from Digital Equipment Corporation in 1992 and has been a SCORE counselor for the over 7 years. His counseling specialties include product development, team building, work design, product strategy and new product management.

John Knopf

Skills: Automotive business

Bob Livingston

Skills: Overseas product procurement

Dave Manley

Skills: Consulting, business plans and strategies, budgets, cash flow, people counseling, marketing - pricing

Dave retired from Fidelity Investments in 2005 where he held positions as the CFO of several Groups, including Retail Brokerage and Internal Systems and Services. Dave’s finance experience includes new business and product analysis, pricing analysis, budgeting, forecasting, business and strategic planning, cost containment and acquisition analysis. Earlier in his career he worked as CFO and purchasing agent for a small rapidly growing appliance manufacturing and distribution company. He also worked for a non-profit medical research organization which owned a for-profit blood products and testing laboratory. He owned, operated and sold his own business supplying restaurants with table lighting products. In retirement he has taught finance and business at Salem State College. He studied economics at Tufts University and earned an MBA from the University of Virginia.

Bill McLeod

Skills: Business planning, marketing, new technology development, customer satisfaction, business processes

Bill has been with SCORE for over ten years. He has counseled more than five hundred clients, assisting small businesses across a wide range of industries, including mechanical equipment manufacturing, retail, IT assistance, environmental and not-for-profits. Bill came to SCORE Northeast Massachusetts from the Bridgeport, Connecticut, chapter. Bill served in several leadership positions during his time with the Bridgeport Chapter including Chapter Chair, workshop chair and workshop presenter. He was also Assistant District Director for SCORE coordinating the seven Chapters in Connecticut from 2008-2012.

Bill gained broad, real world experience during his 33-year career with a major energy company. There he developed expertise in business planning, refining, marketing, new technology development and commercialization. Bill also led a major company-wide initiative on customer satisfaction and business process improvement.

Larry McMahon

Skills: Franchising

Larry has over 35 years of management experience in both Fortune 500 companies and small franchised businesses. His expertise includes evaluation of new business opportunities, business plan development, franchising, cost reduction/control, small business operations, safety analysis and training, employee development/training, customer service, and business start-up/turnaround.

Leveraging nearly twenty five years of Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin Robbins operating experience, Larry also serves as an adjunct professor in the Endicott College MBA program teaching classes in franchising, small business management and entrepreneurship. 

Sumner Misenheimer

Skills: Franchising, Small Business, Family Business, Planning, Profitability, Manufacturing, Product Development, Marketing, Industrial Engineering

Sumner has extensive knowledge in the assessment of franchise opportunities and franchisee expectations. He has expertise in small business profitability, structure and operations adaptation in rapidly changing markets and demographics. He has helped small business with local area marketing strategies, internal business planning, cost analysis and ROI issues.

He understands family-owned business issues leveraging his 27 years of successfully dealing with the issues common to family involved businesses including legacy preparation and initiation.

Peter Morbeck

Skills: Consulting, marketing - market research - industry and trade shows, inventory management

Peter has 40 plus years in the lumber distribution field. He received a degree from Menlo Business School and studied marketing courses at the University of Hartford and Northeastern University. He further studied wood-tech engineering during a stint at the Potlatch Forests research and development unit. He developed product purchasing, distribution, and marketing systems for wholesale lumber companies. He also developed and implemented financial and sales programs, becoming sales manager for a large sawmill in New Hampshire. In retirement he has been Facilities Maintenance Committee director for the town of Boxford.

James Murphy

Skills: Strategy, Planning, Marketing, Product Development, Intellectual Property, Sales, Marketing, PR, Technology and IT, Home Improvement Services

The holder of two patents, Jim was an electronic engineer at CBS, Pitney Bowes Corp, and Perkin Elmer Corp. He was a regional sales manager at Vectron Laboratories, V.P. Marketing at Rhode & Schwartz USA, Microsonics Corp, and Frequency and Time Systems. He was also marketing manager at Tritek Inc. and he founded and was president of Dainterface, LLC.

John O'Neil

Skills: Financial Management

John is able to help our clients understand the importance of knowing their organization's financial information. The goal of this increased financial awareness is to help them make informed decisions that will make their businesses more efficient and profitable.

He has several years of experience in Financial and Operations Management with several high-tech and bio-tech companies. Among his former employers are Hewlett Packard, Qualcomm and Genentech, Inc. He currently teaches graduate level courses in Managerial Finance, Financial Statement Analysis and Investment Analysis in the MBA program at Endicott College in Beverly, MA.

Alvah Parker

Skills: Sales – commercial, marketing, start-up, training, customer service

Alvah has impacted the personal and professional lives of hundreds of clients by helping them to create successful careers and businesses. Her private clients are most often intent on finding work that is engaging and energizing so that they can have a more meaningful and profitable work experience. Alvah does this through her own career coaching business which she started in 1999. Prior to starting her own business, Alvah worked at AT&T for fifteen years where she was twice selected for the prestigious Council of Leaders for those in the top 3% of the AT&T Sales Force. At AT&T she also served as a sales manager, quality manager and software solutions manager. Alvah graduated from Simmons College with a BS in Chemistry Education and spent 4 years teaching Chemistry in Chelsea, MA. Alvah sings in two choirs, Follow Hymn, an Interfaith Choir in Lynn and Temple Shirat Hayam in Swampscott. She serves as Co-President of the Follow Hymn Gospel Choir.

Roddy Powers

Skills: Operations and finance

John Sawyer

Skills: Business planning and ongoing operations; Financial planning; Sales and marketing; Customer service

John has over 40 years experience with business operations in both large and small firms. A graduate of Middlebury College (VT) and advanced management programs, John served in the Navy before starting his career in voice and data communications, working for companies including Wang Laboratories, Teradyne and several start-ups. His expertise includes defining, nurturing and leading teams focused on product launch, ongoing business operations, sales and marketing, customer support, strategic market analysis and financial planning. An experienced coach and mentor, John is an avid boater with interests in carpentry and U.S. history.

Bart Schick

Skills: Sales, Marketing, PR, International Trade

Bart retired as president of Dobbs Boston in 2014. He worked for 23 years at this leading manufacturer/importer of better quality sterling silver jewelry. Designed, manufactured, imported, merchandised and marketed up-scale jewelry to independent retailers nationwide. Prior to that he worked for several manufacturers of skiwear for Olympic-class elite athletes.

Paul Schweitzer

Skills: Real estate

Paul has forty-two years of experience in the Real Estate, Mortgage and Title Insurance businesses. As the owner and President of a large residential real estate company, his skills include organizational development, employee and staff leadership, marketing and advertising, interaction with lenders, and complete financial responsibility.

Michael Thompson

Skills: Consulting, business plans and strategies, marketing – international, sales, wholesaling, export/import

Michael worked for over 40 years in food processing businesses (sugar, seafood and biscuits), specializing in international market development. He built consumer franchises in over 25 countries, including the United States, and participated in the planning, construction and profitable operation of both new plants and acquisitions. Prior to entering business, Michael was a member of a professional folk-singing group and his life-long interest in music has led to an understanding of the promotion of art.