Most of our clients come to us with great ideas.  But not all great ideas can be turned into a viable business, one that has a reasonable chance of making a profit.  And that's where a "proof of concept" comes in...testing the idea before investing a substantial sum.  In the software business this is referred to as building the minimum viable product; e.g., programming just the basics so that targeted users can play with the app and give the developer feedback.  In the food business, this usually means preparing the item in your own kitchen and offering it for sale at a farmers gain insights into packaging, pricing, usage patterns and maybe even receive consumer testimonials.  If your idea involves a service, the usual practice is to start small and make personal presentations.  Your SCORE mentor can help you find the resources you need and design a market test that is scalable.

Sometimes the best way to become an entrepreneur is to buy an existing that comes with regular customers and only needs your energy to take it to the next level.  Or perhaps you're considering a franchise?  We'll cover everything you need to know in our workshops and client mentoring sessions.  I hope to see you there.

Michael Thompson