By Anne Richardson, founder of Richardson Media Group

Monthly conversations with SCORE counselors at the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce have led Richardson Media Group’s owner and lead project manager, Anne Richardson to report an extremely positive first year in business. Anne’s SCORE discussions have covered a wide range of topics: from moving out of a home-based office to a more professional setting where clients and colleagues are able to collaborate, navigating the risk-reward of hiring employees, to developing a set of new business objectives for the next year. Anne credits her company’s growth to the unwavering support she gained at SCORE.

Through these sessions, Anne realized that it was time to offer her clients a fuller spectrum of services across the marketing discipline. “Many clients, especially small businesses, are looking for a wider menu of offerings from their marketing partner. It was a natural fit for me to include copywriting, content development and other types of business writing in my company portfolio.” The SCORE team wholeheartedly agreed with Richardson Media Group’s service expansion.

Because she has stayed true to her independent spirit and been willing to explore new challenges, Anne has surpassed her initial expectations when opening the doors to Richardson Media Group. “As long as we always start out with a strategic conversation, there’s no limit to the size or scope of project we can handle.” Thanks to the expert guidance of Newburyport SCORE mentors, Richardson Media Group is poised for long-term success.